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We Just picked up our standard puppy on Saturday. It was a nine hour round trip journey.
Breeder advised she “free feeds” her puppies. Puts food out in the morning and they eat on it throughout the day whenever they get hungry.

When I got I’m home, I let him relax for a bit then fed him dinner. Food the breeder sent, dry kibble, same thing he ate at her place. He ate fine, about 3/4 of what I’d offered him.

Sunday morning he wouldn’t eat. He’d take the kibble in his mouth, spit out, pick it up, spit it out. He was heavily whining, not only while he was eating, just walking around whining. Not as bad when I was petting him. I figured it was anxiety/new place/missing his litter mates.
Sunday evening, he ate just a little, and only if I hand fed him, still whining nonstop.
This morning he wouldn’t eat. Still whining, unless he was touching me. He started positioning himself to where he was right up against me. I left his food in his crate hoping he’d eat while I was away. He didn’t.
I came home at lunch, finally broke down and offered him a slice of turkey. He acted like he had trouble chewing it. Picked it up, spit it out. He ate a slice of cheese. It did take him a bit. Then I offered him about 1/2 can of wet puppy food. He ate it.
This evening I offered him the dry kibble mixed with canned food and little warm water. He ate maybe 1/2 cups, but just didn’t seem interested. He’s not whining as much.
His poop and pee are fine. Poop is firm and normal color. He’s pooped three or four times since Saturday night.

He had a post purchase vet visit today.
He’s 14 week and weighs 27#, so he’s obviously been eating at the breeders home.
The vet gave him a good once over, checked his mouth, gums, tongue and teeth and saw nothing wrong. Colors good, no broken teeth, no abrasions of any kind. He did not whine at the vets office.

She thinks it’s just anxiety and said to give him a couple days to get settled in.

I’m not accustomed to puppies not eating. I’ve always had German shepherd puppies who ate everything.

I know all puppies are different and he seems to be a very sensitive boy.
Has anyone else been through this? I just feel so bad, like he’s going to starve to death.
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