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New pics

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Heres some new pics of Daisy she is so yummy mmmm i could eat her:rainbow:

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She is beautiful and so fuzzy wuzzy! Take good care of her. :)
Thank you i will,i love her to bits :D
Aww! Look at the scruffy puppy! I want to shave her face and feet :D

Lol wouldnt know how to do that :D

Heres some more

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ohhh so cute - I love her fuzzy face and feet!
Oh how cute! I just love fuzzy puppies! Just adorable!
Oh my gosh!!!! What a doll baby! I just want to snuggle her!!! She looks a lot like Baxter! They would make a cute pair! ;)
Awwww! she looks like a little bear!
Aww, we called Maddie and Scooter bears, they look so cuddly just
like a little teddy bear or something. I love Daisy's look, it really works
for her!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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