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new pics of Rogan

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here are some updates of my new red boy playing outside for the first time! :) sorry if you're getting sick of me :curl-lip: (red collar is most likely our boy)


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Me too! I think I'm gonna make a calendar with all the puppy pictures I'm collecting! lol
Yes, natural tails! :beauty:
not too long is right!! only 2 weeks! Picked up a crate yesterday, still have a few things to get but I'm pretty much ready :) here's some cute footage of the boys and their sister enjoying some outdoor playtime!
They are very cute. It's fun watching puppies discover the world.

That second video really got Lorelei's attention! She was sitting on the couch cocking her head.
awe that's too cool!
Too cute! It's great she exposes them to so many things. I like the video where they all heard their first lawn mower.
I know! I was thinking the same thing! They're going to be very well adjusted, confident little puppies! The more I see this breeder in action the more I like her!! Plus the more she exposes them to different stimuli the more she learns about their individual personalities! Which makes it easier to place them in the right homes! I love it!
I've seen these tickers on mommy forums for pregnant moms... so I just made one for my countdown too! (I know, I should really get a life!!)

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He has a lovely face! Beautiful red! Do you plan on showing?
Canadian's are not as accepting of the Reds in the show ring so I don't think there'd be much point. I've asked about showing but I'm SO new to the show world that I'm overwhelmed already! I don't even know where I would start. Plus, with a natural tail, I don't think I can. .. or can I? see, I know nothing! lol:curl-lip:

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from the CKC wesite Tail: Set on high, carried up, and may be docked. The tail set is distinctly ahead of the pinbone. Never curled nor carried over the back.
hmmm... may be docked... so that means it doesn't have to be?
Red is my very favorite color of Poodle!!
awe, me too! but I love brown and black too! I think I'll have one of each eventually! Probably go with black next :)
How cute! And I love the name you picked!

I know you are very excited about getting your new baby. We were on count down for what seemed like forever when we were waiting to bring Oliver home.
THANKS! the name was a big deal to me! :curl-lip:

yes, very excited! it's crazy how this whole thing can dominate your mind each day! then again, something would be very wrong with me if I wasn't excited! Lol

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We waited until our Oliver was 4 weeks old and we were going to visit him for the first time before telling our children. My dd is just like me and I knew she would be on pins and needles about him. And once we met him, we were on a daily count down for his home arrival. It was like waiting for Christmas!
I visited on my own at 4 days old!! I basically wanted to see mom and dad and meet the breeder before any decisions were made... I told the kids at about 3 weeks and we visited a week later... it's been a big countdown here too! I think my kids are a bit older then yours, 14 and 11 ... of course I have a 21 month old too, she has no clue what's going on! Lol
My calendar has big red X's over the days as they pass by! lol
The girls are beside themselves with excitement! Totally like Christmas, like you said!
How cute, I just got this sent to me today!!! He's already been added to the PPD!

I see there's a fair amount of Leatherstocking in there! Can't wait to see how he grows up!

is that a good thing?
Dianne and I each have a puppy from Leatherstocking. They are beautiful and have great conformation with great personalities to match. Mine is my avatar, Taffy and she is six months old today. Dianne's is Ivy, our newest addition. She is a black standard and about three months now. Dianne's screen name is jester's mom. She replied to this thread.

Link to Taffy's pedigree: http://www.poodlepedigree.com/fivegen.asp?ID=372179
I knew Rogan had some relatives out there, I just always forget who you are(I'm going to start keeping notes I think - Spoospirit / Jester's Mom)!! Does Leatherstocking have a web site? I can't seem to find any info about them... to be honest, I've heard both good and bad and I want to see for myself! :)
I am so happy to hear you say you're happy with Leatherstocking... your dogs are gorgeous with super sweet personalities... that's all I need to know!! ... my first priority is for a happy sweet companion dog that's healthy and lives long! I don't have anything to worry about where all that's concerned!
My Bindi's mum is from Leatherstocking.
I thought so! :clap:
That was so cute seeing them get into the water. To bad you couldn't see the collar collar to see who the leader was.
she actually didn't take the boy we've had our eye on (Red collar) with her that day, she saved him for us to come with her to test the 2 others that she didn't test yet!! here's some pics! SO fun!


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Well, all I have to say is you are getting your pup from a good place. I think it is great that the breeders take their time to adjust their pups to various stimuli and do temperament testing like that. That is the right kind of breeder to get your pup from! Spoospirit and I plan on doing the same things when we finally have a litter of pups.
I think so too!! It's so important to socialize them and get them used to things outside their little pen! I am very pleased with my breeder! I have the link for the temperment testing she does, I can send it to you when you have your litter if you're interested.

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