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New pics of Agyar

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these are some pics of our summer holiday, with our friends!
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He's so handsome! =] I really love the first photo- you two look brilliant together.
He is a striking boy!!! LOVE his color! Great pictures of you both!
Beautiful standard. How old is he? He is very brown, sometimes they fade with age. I hope yours stay that dark.
Gorgeous photos. He is a very handsome boy. It's obvious he adores you too!
What a good looking pair you and your poodle are. :)
He is now two year old. I hope he wont louse this color, his dad now 10 year old and still has a dark brown color! His mother is black :curl-lip:
oh oh oh so beautiful! what else can I say? beautiful!!!
wow, gorgeous shots! What a great looking dog! His color is amazing! I'm getting a brown next for sure!! Can I ask where you got him?
Very nice pictures, he is so yummy chocolate!!
Love to see pics of people and their dogs working together. He is an amazing brown.
Thank you all!
I got him from Czech Republic. If you want a standard brown from Europe, should see this website, this is my dog's father. http://www.pudel.dog.sk

This is one of my favourite pictures:
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Absolutely gorgeous brown and lovely pics of both of you. What a handsome boy and he sure looks like a happy one!
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