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I've been really snap-happy with him lately. :) Lots of photos on my computer...
He's getting so big! I can hardly pick him up from the ground anymore, he helps get himself onto the table when I groom him haha. He's just about to turn 8 months old, so he's still got a bit of growing to do.

His color keeps confusing me. When I trimmed him, he darkened to an apricot color, but underneath the apricot color, he's really really light! Parts of him are white, parts of him are apricot, the roots on his ears and some other parts of him are cream... I don't know what to call him anymore, haha.

I dressed him up for Halloween, too. My mom made him a bowtie out of black ribbon and elastic, it was adorable!! We went to a party and everyone loved him and his little gentleman costume. :)

We took him to a park this morning and took some pictures. I got a few of me with him, it was lots of fun. The fall colors were beautiful!
I love how wherever you take a poodle, they're always the center of attention. ;) Several people were smiling and "aww"ing at him when we were at the park. When we were walking, a guy stopped us and told us that Desmond was "the prettiest dog he'd seen on the trail". Hehe, and a whole family from Brazil was fawning over him, apparently they all LOVE poodles, and had a mini back home, but they never saw standards in Brazil. They had this gorgeous Malamute/wolf mix. She was just incredible.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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