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New most popular breed

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So they just announced that Labs have been replaced by French Bulldogs as the most popular breed. I was quite pleased that after this announcement our local news station did a story on why French Bulldogs should not exist as a breed. They listed the myriad health problems starting with the fact that they cannot breed without AI or give birth without C sections, and going on to the many issues that make a lot of these dog live a miserable life. French and American Bulldogs are already banned in some countries.

They can be very sweet and funny little dogs, but at what price?
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It happened to Jack Russell Terriers too. You wouldn't believe how many people wanted pups after the Senfield TV show. In the right hands and the right breeding they are wonderful, highly intelligent dogs. They are a working, hunting breed naturally. In the wrong hands they are too much to handle for many.
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I have one now, Phoebe's Uncle Fearghus age 15, and lost one at age 18 over the Christmas holidays. I've owned and field trialed them for over 30 years. Yours are lovely pups for sure!:love:
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