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Hi, just found Poodle Forum. I have three poodles. Autumn, 70 lbs. cream colored standard, Mikey, 12 lbs. blue toy and.....Darby, just 9 weeks, small, standard parti. I will post pictures of our canine family soon. Love the forum. It is informative, interesting and everyone is so helpful and nice. Especially like the poodles of the babes.
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Welcome! Looking forward to photos - if you have been browsing the forum you will know how much we love photos, especially of puppies!
Hello and welcome Sketa. I hope you enjoy the forum.
Welcome and looking forward to lots of poodle pictures.
Welcome. Sounds like you have quite the assortment.
Sounds like a beautiful family of poodles! Can't wait to see :)
Hi,? and welcome! Looking forward to seeing photos?
Welcome - your crew sounds wonderful. And yes, do post some photos when you get the chance.
Welcome to the forum.. glad you found us. I also am looking forward to photos of your family.
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