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I am a new member, I have been browsing the site for a couple of weeks now and love to talk everything poodle so .......
I have 2 spoos, Savanna 2 yr. apricot and Vegas, white will be 1 this month.
He looks so much like Gunther that I had his hiking pic pulled up and my kid's thought it was Vegas. I will have to post pic's of him and Savanna.
Anyway, the reason I put this in "grooming". There is a site arpeggiopoodles.tripod.com that has poodle cuts A through Z that I go to all the time. I am always looking for a new cut. Savanna is in a pet Lion Trim, and Vegas was in a show puppy cut which was really nice but a lot of work so I just went to the lamb cut and it is cute too.
Also, there is a grooming spray that I use that my groomer turned me onto, she is also the breeder of Vegas and she uses Crown Royale Magic Touch No. 3 for her show poodles. I like the smell of it but it can be strong if you like a lighter scent you may not like it or you can dilute it more.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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