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Yes, she's blue on the face but the back and leg markings are black, the breeder called her an Irish Tuxedo.
Yes I'm a groomer and I own my own salon in Florida. I've been grooming some 30 odd years on and off. Came back to grooming 11 years ago for good and will never leave now! I grew up in a kennel environment (hunting dogs) and I'm a 2nd generation groomer. I recently decided I'd like to try my hand at grooming competion and I am a member of the NDGGA and am studying (practicing on will bichon customer victims--he he):fish: to get certified.
And here's a little brag--I took 2nd place in the Double K Rags to Riches online grooming competion.
Thanks everyone for your nice comments and interest.
Thanks Flyingduster for turning me onto this site! Being a fellow poodle lover!
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