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Hi we are the current owners of 2 standards - female 5 years and male 2 years. We are getting a third just before Thanksgiving that will eventually be living with 20 year old away at school. Until next fall, he will be living and training with our family of 5.

Still looking for the perfect name for him. Thinking "Prince" for some reason -- The others are Crisco and Maka (japanese anime). Open to suggestions
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Welcome! I'll be patiently waiting for photos ?

And I love the name Prince. I got a plush GSD toy for Christmas when I was a kid, and he, too, was Prince. I loved that thing!!
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Welcome to the forum! I, too, would love to see pics. I like the name Chauncey
Here are my babies. Maka has a on the chair and Crisco on the sofa. It looks like the name of our new guy will be Jagger. Can’t wait for Thanksgiving week to bring him home.


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Welcome to you and Maka and Crisco and the soon to be new puppy Prince. What a fabulous family of poodles.
Welcome to the forum. Beautiful pups! Looking forward to see photos and hear about "Jagger".
Welcome - glad you could join us. Your poodles look a treasure.
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