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New Kid On The Poodle Forum...

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Hi everyone...my name is Georgie, I live in Michigan and I have four poodles. Riley a 13 year old male appricot mini, Bella Maggie, a 5 year old female red toy, (born on valentines day), and two I just rescued from the local animal adoption bureau, Sylvester and Wilamina, or Silly and Willy for short. They are 10 years old and happy to be in a forever home after having been rescued from a puppy mill nearly a year ago.

I took a turn in my career path nearly 12 years ago, when my groomer retired and trained and took over her business and have been grooming professionally ever since. My shop is in my home and currently have been blessed with about 300 clients. While I groom small dogs only 40 pounds or less, my very FAVORITE is the poodle. I work a great deal with older and more difficult babies that need extra care and patience and love. I also provide massage therapy and energy work to alleviate pain and stress in overly anxious dogs.

Looking forward to chatting about your babies and mine.
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Welcome! I have two minis, a silver male and cream female, both pups,
very small and seem more like toys, lol!

Wow you're a professional dog groomer? Neat-o, I bet you could
teach me a thing or two! :p I want to be a groomer as well, I found
an online college course I want to sign up for so I can learn how to do
it and maybe the local dog groomer will let me assist her one day
so I can get the feel of it. :D

Do you have any pics of your poodles?
Hi Georgie! Welcome. I think you will like this place! Look over and post a picture of your babies!
I am computer challenged and will learn how to post pictures of my babies soon
Welcome :)

To attach files click "Manage Attachments" under Attach Files, which is under the Submit Reply button.

Looking forward to your posts!!
Thanks for the Welcome!

Hi everyone and thank you for Welcoming me to the Forum. I'm still wandering around and trying to figure things out. The photo I had tried to post was too large, so redoing that so I can introduce you to my poodle clan. Had to make a vet run this morning for Riley with an ear full of wax too deep for me to retrieve and sylvester had problems with his bottom. Photo's soon and looking forward to getting to know ya'll
Wow, I would love to learn how to groom my baby myself but I don't know where to start. Was it hard to learn?
:welcome: Good to have another groomer here. Sounds like you have a lovely family. Looking forward to seeing pics when you get it figured out.
Welcome and enjoy the forum! You have a great story and sound like you have a huge heart can not wait to see pics of your babies!
welcome! what a wonderful career you have! can't wait to see pix of your babies!
Welcome aboard from another newbie!
Um, this thread is about 2 years old.
Welcome aboard from another newbie!
Hey dagnyreis.....going back quite a bit here! Do you know that you can check the age of a thread if you look above the posters name/avatar? Just making sure you know how to check the age of the threads you are picking up.
Welcome. Very sweet of you to rescue your 2 poodles. Every dog deserves a loving home. :)
OOOOPS...I didn't realize I was responding to an old thread. Chalk it up to being new and dumb!

Welcome George. I'm new here also. So far, I have been so impressed with the passion and kindness of the folks in this forum. Do poodles make us better people? Based on what I've encountered here, I'd say YES! I love that you've taken up a second career as a groomer. I've thought about going that route myself when I retire from my first career (I already keep my standards trimmed up between trips to the "real" groomer.) It sure is a lot of work though, at least with my big'o standard boys. Looking forward to seeing your pics! -Alicia
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