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New in MI

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Hello everyone!

I just found this forum this morning and was so impressed with the gang, that I had to join up!

I am impressed with the friendliness and all the pictures! (I was also glad to see Secreto and PurplePoodle's disagreement was self resolved.....we are all so passionate about our poodles, it is very hard when any of us feel criticized....but you two patched things up wonderfully, and I am happy Todd didn't censor the discussion...kudos to you all!)

I have one dog...she is a 5-mo old brown and white standard parti poodle. Her "big girl" AKC name is [our last name's] Neopolitan Beledi, but we call her Bella mostly. I will post pictures as soon as I can pry my son off the "big" computer...hehe.

I grew up with standards and finally felt ready to handle a puppy. I also have two kids, ages 4 and 7...and yes, so far it's been more training the kids than training the puppy. :p

We were off to a rough start as my girl had to be hospitalized almost immediately because she had the parvo virus. We had her for two days before she had to be hospitalized, in isolation, for four :-( We treated her with a combination of herbal remedies and traditional (IV fluid/antibiotic support). She is all better now with no lasting effects except for one "poodle bracelet" where she was shaved for her IV....I am almost tempted to keep that one leg in a utility trim and all the rest in lamb, just so I can tell folks about the dangers of parvo when they ask about it!

We also have one old lady cat who tolerates the puppy, but doesn't really want to play with her...we had two until last week when one of ours had to be put down. (She developed a brain tumor which pressed against her occipital nerve and made her blind overnight...she also was suffering from kidney stones/bladder issues).

I don't have any plans to show or breed Beledi at this point...although I have teased my DH that if the Obama family adopts a parti poodle for his daughters and they become all the rage, then Beledi's future litters will pay for my kids' college fund. (Joking, of course!)

Glad to have found you all!

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Nice to meet you and yes please post her pics. We all love pics!
Hello and welcome! I love the pic of Bella in your avatar! I can't wait to see more pics of her as well! She looks nice a big sweetheart!

New pics are up in the photo thread.

She has a wonderful personality. Even after all her veterinary ordeals, she still goes glady and has a smile and tail wag for everyone!
Nice to meet you jana, look forward to getting to know you better
Welcome! Bella is adorable :love: Parvo is horrible and so sad she had to go though that but so gald she pulled though!
Welcome, Jana and Bella. I'm so glad that she came through her parvo relatively unscathed. That must have been very scary for all of you.
Thanks for all the warm welcomes!

Yes, the parvo was scary....although being the brand-new worry wart mommy that I am, we caught it quite early, so our vet was always reassuring about her chances of survival.

I had read on the internet that the survival rate was about 50%, but my vet said they hadn't lost a puppy to parvo in several years and they treated a few cases every year.

But it absolutely sucked to have to leave her in isolation for four days...especially as my vet (I live in a pretty rural area) didn't have anyone on staff from 8pm-8am every night....poor girl got her crate training the hard way!

Also, they wanted to keep her over the weekend, but their hours were reduced even more and I didn't want her left alone so much so young, so I opted to take her home and treat her with herbal remedies. (Parvaid, etc) They said they thought Bella agreed because when they got off the phone with me they found her (after days of being very mellow/listless) busing pushing the piddle pads out of her crate and she had chewed out her IV! She was breaking out!! hehe)
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