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New Here!

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I'm doing things a bit backwards today as I just posted my first message in the Poodle Talk category but anyways...

My name is Rebecca and my boyfriend and I have recently added a new standard poodle to our menagerie. Her name is Holly, she's 6 and a half months old and a big girl at 47ish lbs. We also have a 4 yr old chihuahua named Latte and 3 chickens.
Before I got Holly I thought "Gee my chihuahua is really smart"....after I got Holly and we've gotten to know her my thoughts now are "What was I thinking-- my chihuahua is stupid!!" Holly is beyond smart and is starting to use her powers of the mind for things other than stealing bathtub stoppers no matter where I put them or remembering exactly where I put my hairbrush everytime I put it down.
We're half way through our third obedience class (first was puppy preschool, puppy agility and now beyond the basics) and loving obedience. She's finally calming down a little tiny bit from the wild and crazy puppy to a dog that has a little bit more self control. Yippee!!

Here are a few pictures of Holly and Latte!


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Welcome Rebecca!

(I am rather newish here too).

I have a maltese (6 lbs) and a miniature poodle(17lbs) and they drive me nuts with their dog play. The poo seems to way outpower and size the malt.

Do your dogs rough house even with their size difference? How do you manage their play so the chi isn't injured?

Are your chickens pets or livestock? Both?
Well since there's such a size difference between the two, I was very careful to get a poodle that wasn't the alpha of the litter--she's very careful around the chihuahua and they only play in the style the chihuahua deems appropriate-that's usually the poodle laying on the ground and each of them mouthing each other.
If, however, Holly gets over-excited, our trainer told us to give her a time out immediately to let her know that the behavior is not wanted. A spray bottle and "Gentle" seems to work as well.

Our chickens are pets and once Holly realized that they aren't her personal play items, everyone will live in peace (hopefully!)
:welcome: look foward to more pics of holly and latte - great name too for the chi :smile:
Welcome Rebecca!

I love the picture of them playing in your avatar!
Welcome...sounds like you are doing great by your poodle!

It also sounds like she is being exactly what a poodle should be...everything you wanted and more!

I love the picture of her and Latte playing, how cute!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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