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Hi, I just got my first (toy)poodle,my boy is 7 weeks old. I have been keeping him in a crate to crate train him. As soon as I take him out he pees on his pad. I want to paper train him cause I work 5 days a week. So my question is, how do I crate train him if I work all day?

I can't leave him in a crate all day. When I'm home, he does well in the crate, he dosen't use the bathroom in his crate ( I do get up during the night and let him out to potty).

Please tell me it can be done (potty training) when you work...

I do have a small place in my house I could confine him to with a gate...?

I just need advice - I'm new at this- poodles, and training!

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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