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New here with potty question...

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Hi, I just got my first (toy)poodle,my boy is 7 weeks old. I have been keeping him in a crate to crate train him. As soon as I take him out he pees on his pad. I want to paper train him cause I work 5 days a week. So my question is, how do I crate train him if I work all day?

I can't leave him in a crate all day. When I'm home, he does well in the crate, he dosen't use the bathroom in his crate ( I do get up during the night and let him out to potty).

Please tell me it can be done (potty training) when you work...

I do have a small place in my house I could confine him to with a gate...?

I just need advice - I'm new at this- poodles, and training!

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Welcome to the forum

You have a new puppy and they do have very small bladders. Its impossible to think they wont do anything all day. If the pup is clean in his crate, pick him up and put him outside, everytime he does something reward him. High squeel they love to hear, good boy. Give a treat also. Their bladders get bigger so they can hold on much longer when you arent home. If you are at work, then you will have to expect puppy to do lots of emptying.

Its best if you can confine him somewhere to put paper down so he learns to do his jobs on it. But remember he is a puppy and you will have a lot of paper to clean up as they love to tear it to shreds. Leave plenty of toys, bones to keep him occupied.
You know, my husband and I are both in college full-time. Our schedules don't overlap on any day except Monday, when we're both gone for 10 hours. So our solution was to find a pet sitter. So on Monday's we have a wonderful lady come to the house to play and let Cardi out for an hour. Of course he is old enough to hold his pee for a few hours. Maybe you could think about finding a pet sitter. :)
Can you go to work 15 minutes early, leave 15 minutes late and take a long lunch break? That is what I used to do when I first got my pup and had to come home to let him out.

Alternately, pay someone to come over and let him out once a day.
I think you should just get a X pen and leave him in that while your gone. When I used to work we had to crate the dogs and when having a puppy we did the X pen. Worked great!

Just lay newspaper to cover the whole bottom (couple layers is best) inside of the pen and put a blanket or towel down where you would prefer him to lay. Plenty of toys and some water. Your done! If the blanet or towel is dirty when you get home, through it in wash and newspaper in the garbage.

If you decide to get the X pen just make sure its a decent height. Some puppies are climber's other's not. lol
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Another thing..you may want to consider litter box training if you're going to start teaching him that it is okay to potty inside. Otherwise, teaching him to potty inside is going to make it harder for you to get him housebroken later on.
I was so lucky when I got Ginger. My boss let me bring her to work. It was great!
I was so lucky when I got Ginger. My boss let me bring her to work. It was great!
Oh you are so lucky! One of my former coworkers used to bring his dogs to work but apparently one of them left a "present" in the office that he didn't clean up...so now all dogs are banned from the building :( He doesn't even work there anymore, its such a shame!
Hello, I have a 2 year old toy poodle and I litter boxed trained her. The winters are really bad here and the snow sticks to her fur. I began when she was a puppy. I buy this litter by nature's own. it looks like pellets and there is no order at all. She goes over into it and potties. She knows it is her potty. It worked great when we travel and she is in a hotel. She does go outside with my other two bigger dogs too in the summer. SO she knows to do both. It works great when we are gone for a while during the day.
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