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New from UK

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Hello Guys,
I am new to the Poodle world, and have done alot of research and have decided it is the right breed for me.
Although i love the breed and am 100% sure on getting one.
I am just not sure which size i would like, i love them all.
I love standards, and love the idea of running with them, i currently own a Pom who is not really a running dog.
I love the idea of toys, as they are the same size as my pom.
But i love Minis too, just in the middle.

Cant wait to catch up on threads and learn more about the breed.

I am prepared, with grooming and training, i sit at home most nights, and wouldnt mind grooming daily.

I think thats enough about me, and look forward to getting to know you guys!
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I can attest to the fact that miniatures make excellent running companions, and they are also a bit easier than standards in that you can just pick them up if things get hairy. But the standards are beautiful -- I can certainly understand why someone would want one! I don't know much about the toys.

Poodle Named Moose
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Welcome :)

Moose my standard poodle was my first dog and he's been great. We are already thinking about getting another. I haven't owned a mini or toy but I think either way you can't go wrong :)

If you want something that could help in home protection I would think a standard would sound a little more scary barking/growling than a mini or toy :) :)


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Thankyou Both, for your Wecome, they are very apprieciated,
i think home protection, would be brilliant, this worlds getting worser by the day.
And as a single woman, i couldnt fight off a burglar, and neither could my teeny pom.
How do you think a standard would be with a pomeranian?
Are they clumsy?
Its so hard deciding what size i would like, rmillstein, the poodle in your avatar is soo cute!
TBH i am up for a challenge, my Pomeranian, was so easy to train, and Poodles are known for their intelligence, and quick learning ability, i hope to train him many tricks, i also plan (if all training goes smoothly) to put him in for agility.
That would be very fun.

i also would very much like a male!

Thankyou again for your Replies :)
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