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Hi there!

My name is Emily and my family and I just brought home our new toy poodle puppy (5 months old) from our breeder last weekend! We have been waiting him for awhile now!

He is black with a small white spot on his chin, chest and his back two paws...his breeder told us that made him pet quality and not show quality! But we could care less..we love him!

We named him "Cash"...it was my husband's idea...as in Johnny Cash, since he's black..yeah we're dorks. The reason I feel like I need to explain his name is because our vet already asked if we named him that because he was expensive...hahah NO!!

He is settling in pretty well, but he is still very shy. He is starting to be more comfortable in our house and is very friendly to all of us. However, since I am a stay at home mom he has spent the most time with me and so he follows me EVERYWHERE...and I mean EVERYWHERE! He won't let me out of his sight. Seriously...he follows me to the bathroom, the kitchen, the laundry room and even tried to jump in the bath tub with me the other night.

He won't even go out to the kitchen on his own to EAT OR DRINK! I have to walk over by his bowls and then he will eat. The only other time he will eat or drink is when he is crated and I place the food and water in his crate with him. Is this normal? I'm starting to worry that he is overly clingy.

He is fine meeting other people...he will sniff at their feet but as soon as he's checked them out it's right back to my side again!

He is also not really interested in playing much yet because playing with anything would mean leaving my side..and he's not willing to do that. He will perk his ears up and watch the ball get thrown across the room, or look at the squeaky toy in my kids' hands, but he will not leave me to play with them! Is this normal toy poodle behavior?

I don't think it's a socialization issue because he went to the groomer's for the first time yesterday and they said he was very well behaved and not overly scared.

So I don't know....his breeder told me it might take him awhile to settle in since he's an older puppy. What do you think?

I will upload some pictures of him later today! Thanks!

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welcome! Can't wait to see pictures of your new baby! I don't have a toy so my advice would be so-so. We have two minis that are littermates and they played when they were puppies but now they are lazy - lol 9 yrs old. the standards, of which I have two, love to play and fetch. they are going on 4. I think he is still young and when my ginger was a puppy I used to take her in my room and throw a toy and she learned to fetch it and bring it back. It took a little while. Try using a soft toy first and not a ball. He may be leary of the ball. sounds cute!
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