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new from GA

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Hello all. I grew up with Standards as my mom was a breeder/groomer. I too am a groomer of 16 years. I was blessed with a pet girl from Lake Cove for many wonderful (13) years. She passed 3 years ago. I now have a new silver baby that I am so in love with!! He is 6 mos old and the love of my life.
I am happy to be here and learn what I can and maybe sometimes have a useful bit or comment to add...on my smart days!
Here is Bucky...if I know how to post a pic..and look forward to meeting you all!


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Welcome -I like a nice Silver!! And we are always in need of groomer help! I know I am anyway:)
Hi, I am new here too but I welcome you. I am sure that we will find a lot of valuable information on this form.
Welcome to this forum bucksmom. We have a black female standard whose G.G.Grandfather is: CH LAKE COVE MOONVALLEY LOVERBOY, is this the same Lake Cove that your girl was from? There are a lot of silvers on my black girls pedigree. Nice to hear that you had many years with your girl, sorry to hear of her passing. Glad to hear that you are so in love with your new little boy, hope you have many years with him as well. We also have a cream male standard and 2 white toy poodles.
BTW forgot to tell you, your new little boy is a very handsome chap.
Thanks guys...I love it here already!
Fuzbutz- Logan was the great granddaughter of CH. Lake Cove Just Step Aside Boys. Her mother was a nice CH bitch and dad was a pointed male, both out of another kennel. Logan was the greatest friend I ever had, and she made me smile even when everything else didn't. She saw me thru some of the roughest times in my life... ...She loved to be groomed! WOuld jump on the table and had to be made to get off the table when it was over! She liked it too much! She allowed me to dye her pink, make one long continous rope wrapped and twirled around her body out of her beautiful fur....she allowed me to be creative to say the least. I miss her as much as I would my right arm.
Buck has really stepped up to the plate to replace her! He reminds me a lot of her and so I know it is the true poodle personality coming thru. I attend to be as faithful, loyal and loving to him as I know he will be to me. He makes my life complete again!
Thank you all for the nice comments.
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