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That lawsuit was dismissed over a year ago.

Garlic is fine in small amounts for most dogs. I wouldn’t worry if it’s listed in the ingredients of a commercially available food unless you know that yours is sensitive to it.

I find freeze-dried food is more appealing to picky eaters than kibble a lot of the time... He tends to prefer beef and lamb over chicken and fish though so that might be worth a try. I sometimes rehydrate it with homemade bone broth and that’s usually a hit. I like to switch it up for my dogs since their not overly sensitive (especially within brands) and they seem to be more engaged that way.

I also think Ziwi Peak or Real Meat air dried food is worth a try if it’s not too cost prohibitive.
Yes, these two are good. Another is Vital Essentials. Cost should be more manageable for a toy poodle. For dry kibble I also like Farmina. Letting it soak in some low sodium chicken broth may help.
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