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I have a toy poodle who is 1 years 8months old and being a toy poodle he is always been a very picky eater ..until it comes to human food 馃き
Recently I was feeding him hills science diet chicken and meal recipe until I came to a realisation and information on how the ingredients are not healthy and even as it was just limited to chicken and rice and along with that I give him canned food (akela brand) wild game containing wild boar, venison , reindeer and fruits and veg he eats that with no doubt but the dry food is very irregular any how I am in the process of changing his food now both canned (as the company no longer makes it anymore )and dry.
I am ordering trial packs at the moment and was wondering if someone could help me with some recommendations from the brand of orijen. I have so far tried the adult small breed from acana which he didn鈥檛 like either and tried the new one from orijen tundra which he doesn鈥檛 like either?

what are you recommendations for under orijen?
Also he doesn鈥檛 like fish that much. However I will continue to include it in his dry food diet as it has a lot of health benefits. Would you suggest orijen original ? Or any other suggestions?

As well as for the freeze dried food I am going to for northwest naturals ? Chicken and salmon? Do you guys have any other recommendations for a picky eater? In which the food is very tasteful , healthy and appealing?

also one more question I saw that the ingredients in northwest naturals has a garlic in it ?i have heard things about how it鈥檚 not safe for dogs?

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I have picky eaters too. Two of them. Best advice I can give you is to go visit a good local pet good store (not a big chain) where people are more knowledgeable and talk to them about what you want.

Then ask for as many samples that fit your need as possible. Then go home and feed them as treat when your dog is a little hungry and let him decide. If you bring 10 samples, he will probably only like one or two so it can takes months if you only try one at a time.

Best of luck to you, I know how hard it is to feed these little ones.

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You can also call companies and they're usually nice about sending a few samples if your local pet stores don't do them. My first poodle really liked the royal canin. we did the xs to indoor if I remember right. also helped make her poo not smelly. I plan on using it again with puppy coming. I also hear a lot of good things with the purina pro plans, although I haven't tried it.
stay away from taste of the wild, they were sued not too long ago for having high amounts of arsenic and copper causing the loss of many customers pets.(we were one of the families involved in the lawsuit) The fda is also warning pet owners of pea and pea protein in foods now. they're great in low amounts, just not for everyday. it's been linked to heart disease/failure. I've found it's in higher amounts with the grain free foods so if your a grain free person just check the label first.
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