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As promised, I am getting the classifieds area up and running. You can probably see it right now but you won't have access to it just yet. Probably it'll be open for business on Monday. :D

The Classifieds will contain a number of sub-forums:

Buy/Sell: For non-vendors wanting to buy or sell the one-off item (i.e. maybe an leash you got for Christmas that you're not using).

This area will require a minimum post count of 25 posts to start a new thread or post a reply.

Vendors: This will be for people who want to sell products in larger quantities (maybe you have a home business that makes pretty bow ties for poodles). This is not set up just yet. I still have to work out the kinks of how this will work.
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YAY!!! Just in time for the SPAMMERS!! If he would've just waited a bit, he could've advertised for REAL!! :)

Thanks for all you do!

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Yes! I got one of those Metro tack boxes. Don't like it and use something else and would love to sell it.

Also, How about fund raiser items from clubs we belong to? The Tulsa Poodle club has Poodle Magnets they want to sell.

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Hi everyone,

Just an update on this:


I'm creating a new forum category called Poodle Forum Classifieds. Within this category, we will have a forum called "Supporting Vendors" and the buy/sell/trade for personal classifieds.

Simply put:

Supporting Vendors are for vendors who pay to sell their items in our community. They get their own forum, they get to post their deals, specials.. whatever they want. It's a paid membership and they have to contact us to get on board. This is mainly for people who are selling items in bulk.

Personal Classifieds are for members selling the one-off item (i.e. not in bulk or as a business revenue stream). So let's say you have a dog collar lying around or heck, you have a computer monitor you want to sell. That sort of thing.

No selling puppies allowed. :)
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