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Well, not technically new x) I've basically had him since he was born. My step brother ditched his cat at our place and she had three kittens back at the end of July. I found the other two homes and decided to keep the third for myself. I never planned on getting anymore cats, but he left a mark.. quite literally. Little sharp claws.

He is 8 weeks old today, and I've named him Oslo, since I already decided months ago that all my future pets will be named after cities.

I want to keep updated pictures of him monthly, since I believe he's going to be a beautiful longhaired silver tabby when he's older. I can barely see his stripes now.

The first three are of Oslo, the third has Oslo and my other cat Obe, the fourth picture is mom with the babies at a day old, and the last is mom being.. silly.
oslo1.jpg oslo3.jpg oslo4.jpg osloobe.jpg whispersbabies.jpg whisperfloor1.jpg

Oh, and in the last pic.. our floor isn't covered in clumps of animal hair, my boxer had just destroyed one of her toys. :D
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