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New and in love with spoo

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I am new to the group and hope to learn from you all.
My family of 4 including a 7 and 4 year old have decided we want a Standard Poodle.

I am new to breeders as all my life my family have had rescue dogs which have all been great and integral to our family.

Now that I have my own family we have thought a lot about what type of dog we want. We love the size of a standard, their intelligence (I loved how smart my border collie was!), their companionability, playfullness and hypoallergenic coat.

I was going to search through the already existing threads but would love advise on how to pick a breeder. What questions do I ask? What should I be looking out for?

I live in Norther California and would love to find a breeder in the area for ease of visiting and picking up the puppy.

Anyway, long intro but we are excited!!
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Good choice Irene. I admit to being prejudiced but think Spoos were put on earth to make us smile. Can’t help with breeders since I am Canadian but you’ll get lots of ideas from those in the know! Welcome!
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Hi and welcome. I have a minipoo so I can’t help you with finding a spoo near you.

There’s a sticky here with information about how to buy a puppy safely.

You and your family made a wise decision in a spoo. They are smart: smart like your border collie but without the shedding fur haha.
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Welcome and good choice!

There’s an excellent sticky here!:


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Welcome - the sticky on Buying a Puppy Safely referenced in the previous post is good starting point in looking for your puppy. I have a standard that I wouldn't trade for anything - he is such a good boy.
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You will love the breed especially since you have experience training a BC. Tell us later which one you think is smarter:) There are a lot of excellent breeders in CA, but prepare to get on a waitlist with a good one. Best wishes on your search.
Welcome and good on you for doing good planning so you will have a lovely new family member who will be a super special memory generator for your little humans.

Do read through the linked thread on puppy buying. There is a load of great information there.

You also might send a private message to MaizyFrosty since she is in California and has standards. She can give you insights about breeders out west.
Welcome and good luck with finding your spoo!
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