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New again!

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Hello from Oregon! I'm really not new but have been an avid reader for some time now. I was registered some time ago but my computer crashed and I couldn't remember my username and password:shot:. A great lesson learned. So I re-registered and now i'm back. :whoo: I chose the username velcro because my Bella is like velcro....always sticking to my side, what a great companion. I have a great dog! Bella as we call him, it's really short for kabella will be 2 on Halloween. He comes from the Rogur River Valley in southern oregon. Bella had been a god send to me. As I tell my Boys (ages 22 & 24 and constantly complain that Bella is spoiled) who have finally flown the coup "You left your father and I and left a big hole in our hearts to fill, Bella filled it!" Bella is not my first SP. I had another, Snow, rest in peace who also was the love of my life. He was white and a rescue. I do my own grooming, afraid i'm not too good at it but I try. I have never found a groomer who will do exactly what I want, or they are in too big of a hurray to collect their money, so I do the best I can myself. I look forward to contributing more in the future.
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Thank you for the response. Bella is a "He"! Short for Kabella! Although I have to admit that the youngest boy always askeds me why I gave him a girl name , a stupid haircut, and then put a stupid life jacket on him when we go out in the boat. Of course you have to understand that a SP is not the ideal hunting dog for the state of Oregon! He loves Labs. The oldest boy has one and yes, they are a lot less maintence but just don't have the personality of a SP. I actually find that with each time I groom Bella, I enjoy it more. It's like an art. It takes about 5 hours from start to finish and I have found a few shortcuts like using a shop vac on the blower side instead of a hair dryer:clap2:. I find that it doesn't dry out the hair and takes less time to dry. Bella doesn't mind and it doesn't seem to be to forced. It fluffs and separates the hair real nice. And it seems to blow away all the loose hairs that get left behind.
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