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Need more costume Ideas - Pirates

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So we are sponsering an event called "yappy hour" at one of the local mexican places. They have an outdoor seatig area and customers can take their dogs and eat,drink, and be merry. Yappy hour takes place every thursday during the this time of year and is often sponsered by different organizations and local pet related businesses.
We also have a pirate themed festival this time year where pirates strom the bay here and take over certain pars of the city for a week. Next Thursday the yappy hour that the business is sponsering will be pirated :) Soooooo the poodles need to be ready!

Im not really looking to do much if any color on Jazz though we are looking into some dog safe "makeup" to do a Jack sparrow style pirate. We have beads as well so are trying to come up with a way to afix them to the poodles (in ways that they can't be eaten LoL). I HAVE seen the creative groom where the groomer turned her dog into jacksparrow, very cute but I'm not looking for that kind of drastic :)

Ideas would be helpful though. As usualy I have a base idea of what I might want to try but am not organized enough in my thinking to put it together. LoL
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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