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First of all so sorry to have been gone for so long, but I do occasionally lurk!! Ok, so Dutch has a bit of a barking problem!! He barks at everything and I NEED to nip this in the bud ASAP!! I t is so annoying and it also can be frightening to people who dont know Dutch. He is very cautious about things and barks and inches his way closer until he can get a sniff of whatever/whomever it is. Any suggestions?? I need something that I can do at any given moment. Thanks.

I did think about getting a spray bottle of water and spraying him whenever he barked out of line, but didnt know if this was ok to do.

I also do not want him to think he cant bark if he feels he needs to alarm us and things like that. :)[/

I also want them to bark if I need to be alerted - I have tried everything - including a personal trainer for the fear agression which worked - but the barking continued at anything or anyone going by the house. Recently I found a little miracle - its called Pet Agree - it is a little gadget that emits a loud high pitch when you press the button. So first I look to see what they are barking at - then say "enough" and then repeat 'enough' while pressing the button. I now don't even have to use it for Ginger - if I say enough - she stops! PTL! Teddy - who learned to bark from Ginger - is another story - but he is always another story - he looks at her and barks as if to say ='why aren't you barking!' its hysterical. But this little tool has made her obey my in other ways - without using it - she is just more obedient - I think she doesn't know I am doing it and seeks my protection - I dunno but it worked! try it - I got it at JBPets on line 40.98 with shipping. good luck!
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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