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Need help with advanced crate training

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I’m looking for suggestions on how to move forward with Remy’s crate training. His crate is in my bedroom but he sleeps in our bed at night. Each morning at about 9:00, after breakfast and a walk, I tell Remy to go into his crate and he runs right in and sits down. I give him a treat and a stuffed Kong and shut the door and cover it with a light sheet. Then I go into the basement to workout. He’s usually good for about one hour.

Here’s the problem. If he hears me moving around the house, he starts to cry and wail. If I put him in the crate any other time of day, he cries and barks and scratches the door and can get very loud. My husband works from home and the racket is loud even in my husband’s office on the other side of the house with doors shut.

I need to be able to have Remy sleep quietly in his crate for about 2 hours even if he can hear us in the house. His crate door is always open and I frequently ask him to go in and I give him a treat, but he’s not making any progress at just chilling in the crate, either with the door open or shut. He’s 9 months and I’m planning ho have him neutered soon so I really need to get him more comfortable with the crate. Any ideas on how to move forward? Thanks!
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Is he silent when you return to let him out of the crate after working out?
No - the moment he hears me he goes nuts, usually even before I start up the stairs. I’ve started asking I’m to sit and if he’s silent for a moment, I give him a treat and then open the door while he’s chewing. Also, he never completely finishes eating his Kong in the crate, so I know he’s stressed. After I let him out, he goes back in and grabs his Kong to finish outside of the crate.
Okay, so it sounds like he’s learned that making a fuss gets him out. That’s pretty common.

I probably wouldn’t ask him to sit. That’s increasing his anticipation of release and really teaching him nothing more than to sit when asked. But I would absolutely, effective immediately, wait for him to offer up silence before letting him out, no exceptions. I would also probably go back to basics and reintroduce him to being crated, with a focus on teaching him that settling magically opens the crate door, instantaneously to start. I think KikoPup has some good videos describing this process.

You could also start by putting him in his crate as usual, then walk around the room for just a few seconds before letting him out. Increase the time slowly. You want to tell him, in poodle language, that quiet poodles get released. Then ask for a little more duration. Then a little more....

As far as the Kong goes, I would remove it after he exits to keep it a special crate treat.

It’s definitely harder to crate train a puppy that’s already developed negative associations with the crate, but I believe it can be done. Hoping others who have accomplished this will weigh in!
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We leave Normie crated while we run errands. He's quiet while we're gone, but barks when he hears the car enter the garage. I go in and reassure him that we're home and will let him out after the car is unloaded. Then we go about our business. He's learned to wait quietly while we walk around bringing in groceries or whatever.

I don't want him getting underfoot while my husband is carrying things, but the principle is the same. With time, he's come to accept the wait but he requires assurance that he's noticed.
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