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I agree that it's best to introduce grooming asap. The more exposure the pup has to grooming, the better. Where I work, we offer a "puppy series" for a discounted rate to get the pups used to grooming slowly, rather than trying to do a full groom right from the start (it's just too stressful for most puppies and it doesn't make for a great first experience).
We like to get pups used to all the different noises of the shop and slowly introduce tools & clippers (a lot of puppies are scared of them the first time they hear & feel the vibration). If you can't find a shop to take the puppy in before it's fully vaccinated, then do as much as you can at home. Get the pup used to brushing (slickers & combs), touch its feet as often as possible, handle legs, ears, muzzle, etc. Always make everything a positive experience. Even if the grooming shop won't groom the pup yet, you could ask to stop in with her, give her treats there, ask for a nail trim, etc.. just to get her used to the place.
When you go for the groom, I'd recommend going slow. Maybe start with brushing & nail trim, possibly light scissor trim if she's doing well. Then have a bath & brushing, exposure to clippers, etc.. you just don't want to overwhelm her right from the start.

Lastly, I'd like to mention that in the past year I've seen more than a handful of matted pups for their first groom. The owners come in with 5-7 month old puppies that are matted all over. The puppies then have a negative first grooming experience because matting is uncomfortable to remove and can take a lot of time. After all the dematting, they're then bathed, dried, brushed, trimmed further to even everything out, and they have their nails trimmed, ears cleaned & plucked if necessary, etc. It's a long process and stressful, especially for a first experience. It's so important to make grooming a positive experience, so brushing at home is essential, especially if professional grooming can't be introduced sooner.
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