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Most shops won't take them until they are complete on their shots. Mobile groomers usually don't have an issue with vaccinations and will usually come earlier. Between 12-16 weeks is a great time to start, although you probably won't want a true hair cut at this time. It is best to first introduce a puppy to the grooming process early and with just a bath and blow dry, face, feet. The grooming process is noisy and scarey for a baby and it is best not to do it all at once if you can help it. Then later, in about 4-6 more weeks, you can do a fuller groom. This is where you may decide to clip the hair down. Puppy hair usually doesn't mat, so it may not be necessary. I usually don't give poodle puppies a full cut with clippers until they are around 5 months old. They look so cute with the puppy trim! I will usually just scissor, but not everyone wants that or does that. Just be aware that puppy hair is very soft, and when it is clippered it may appear uneven for a while. Of course, the dog probably won't be a perfect customer so allowances to the groomer must be made:)
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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