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Need food advise

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When I got Fred, my 7 month old toy, a month ago, he was on Royal Canin. I decided that was not a good enough food for him and switched him to Chicken Soup for the Puppy Lover's Soul. He loves the stuff, but I think he might be allergic to it because he keeps scratching (at first I thought it was because he didn't like his harness) and biting his paws. So I'm thinking that when the bag runs out I should switch him to a different food. The question, however, is which food? I'm confused as to whether he should be on a puppy food or an all life stages food. Also, I've been feeding him Zuke's treats. Maybe I should switch that as well? I'm confused as Fred is my first dog.
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Chicken soup is a decent food, I'm surprised that it is making him itchy. I can't recall the ingredients off the top of my head though so maybe I am forgeting something that might be in it.
Honestly at 7 months you can go either way as far as puppy food VS adult. I usualy switch my smalller breed dogs between 8-10 months to adult food. The puppy we have now, Mister, is 6 months old and has been eating adult food just about forever, we never could get him to eat the puppy forumal - picky little devil.

When you changed food did you by chance change protien sources? For example was the food you siwtched from made mostly from lamb and now you're feeding chicken or beef? Sometimes dogs have protien allergies though grains are usually the most common cause of food allergies.

I would go out and check lables and see what looks good.

A list of some of my favorites;
Solid Gold Wee Bites-Always had good luck with this one, but I cant get it here anymore
Blue Buffalo - what all four of my dogs are on now
Orijen - completely grain free
California Natural
Tastes of the wild - never used this one but I've heard good things and the lable looks ok

There is a start for you. You'll get probably a hundred different anwsers on how to feed, and what to feed :) everyone does it different.
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Hmm... I just found this thread and found it to be very interesting!

I did the reverse - I fed Snoops Royal Canin, then transitioned him to Halo Spots Stew Chicken. That's about the time he got the weird hives and itch. Seems girlgcc and I experienced the same reaction once we switched to Halo. I also give Snoops treats by Zukes (from time to time) but he seems to be fine with them.

My vet has said that she doesn't suspect it to be a food allergy - she said that most food allergies take time to develop. OR, the allergy symptoms would be more acute from the onset of the food change.

I just find this odd.. that another member on PF went thru a similar situation.
Anyone have any ideas on how I can find out exactly if Snoops is allergic to Halo?
Ok, just found this on Halo's website....


errr... I dunno what to think. I kind of think maybe Snoops is mildly allergic to Halo food, or something in it. Perhaps I should switch food....

So... anyone out there need any Halo Spots Stew Chicken Adult Food? I have a HUGE fresh bag of it, unopened and half a bag (opened)..
I would not jump straight to a food allergy ;)

Have you changed anything else about the same time you switched food? Shampoo, carpet cleaner, air freshener, floor cleaner?

The link cuddleparty posted has some good information on it and if it persists I would make an appointment at my Vets.
I did the reverse - I fed Snoops Royal Canin, then transitioned him to Halo Spots Stew Chicken.

Just noticed my error. I did not do the reverse. I should have written that I did the SAME... ;)

As for me... nothing changed except the food. Oh! And the fact that Snoops had a mild case of fleas a few days before the food change. The vet suspects its FAD (Flea Allergy Dermatitis). During the cleaning spree I put salt in the carpets. This came up in another thread before, and was suggested it was perhaps the salt.

Anyhow, I heard from girlgcc - she says it was the shampoo causing her pup to itch and not the Halo food. :)
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