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My cat is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. His lack of analytical skills became obvious the day I brought him home from the shelter, and he couldn't figure out how to nudge open the cat door on the baby gate to get to his food.

Today he was confronted with another food dilemma his little cat brain simply couldn't handle. I was eating corned beef hash and scrambled eggs, and he desperately wanted some. He lay down next to me and pasted on his most hopeful "I'm starving" expression. Being a complete sucker for pathetic animals, I set my plate with its last mouthful of uneaten food on the floor for him to enjoy. The location of the plate presented an almost unsolvable navigation issue for him. He is not a lap cat. He does not climb onto people. I was lying across the most direct path between him and the plate. An expression of extreme consternation came onto his whiskered face.

First he looked at my torso to see if he could jump it. He decided there wasn't enough landing space on the other side. Then he looked at my feet, to see if he could walk around them. He could, but the plate wasn't near my feet. He didn't see the point of following that path. Then he looked over at his placemat, on the opposite side of he room, to see if my breakfast plate had mysteriously arrived next to the other plates. It hadn't. Still, he jumped down into the floor heading in the direction of his placemat and proceeded to start circling the carpet like a Roomba vacuum. Eventually he found the plate. Success! Cat 1, hash breakfast 0.

One might think he was vision impared, but he will happily chase a laser pointer. He is just a dork. Happily, he is a very sweet tempered dork.
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