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My Red babies 9 weeks

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These are our babies they have all gone now. They are nine weeks yesterday


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Absolutley gorgeous :)
thanks so much !
So cute , I notice on puppy has a undocked tail. Did someone request it ?

If so cool that is good to know you give people an option
Yes but we had to decide at 3 days of age That was really hard !!:)
But I think we picked right so far he is holding together There will be lots of pictures of him in the upcoming months. I am so excited about him !!!
Oh they are so cute and really dark red. You must miss them
OMG YES! Thank god we still have littel Neelix here that really helps and We found the GREATEST homes...These babies are gonna be smart :)
Pretty babies Sheryl. Lovely pigment.
Thanks Cherie ! We think so too. We are very proud of these little furkids :)
They are so precious! I've finally convinced my fiance that the next dog we get (this will be a long time from now, as we have 4 already!) will be a spoo, I'll have to share these pictures to drive the point home! :)

Being slightly poodle-dumb, just humor me, lol... will they stay this red as they get older? Or will they fade?
Red is a fading color. They will fade to a very rich red slightly darker then their mom. She is very red. The pigment of the skin and especially the nosed shaved close like this is key The father is dark red as well, so yes we expect at least this dark maybe darker..


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So here are some from last week man I am gonna miss these guys for sure,
I think this is therapy for me :)


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What lovely rich colored pups! Congrats! Best vives to them for their future lives. :)
Hey one of my puppies is almost home to your neck of the woods he is going to Essex VT !!!!
She came and got him :) She is on the road home right now !!!!!!!!!!!
Do you show your spoos bigredpoodle? They are soooo beautiful, I'd give my two front teeth to have a beautiful red show poodle! :biggrin:
*still drooling over Arreau's little show prospect*
All in good time!
Time permitting yes we do .. Katie is my show girl .
OH... I'd love to see some pics of your show dogs! Do you have a website you can pm me?
Sorry that pic was of ART I clicked on the wrong one this is Kitty


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She's a beautiful girl!!!!! Do you show Akc/Ckc?
(sorry, I'm very nosy! Hope you don't mind :)) I really want to start showing my own dog, and I've been reading up a lot and have learned an enormous amount on this forum. I love going to local shows and have met such nice people (and of course some snooty ones) and have seen some unbelievably beautiful dogs. I want to start out with a miniature and see how it goes, but that will only happen next year. Until then I'll admire the gorgeous standards! ;)
We show AKC.. I agree with your statement . I have such GREAT friends having been in the "Show worl"for over 20 years.. The poodle people are different for sure but still very nice.. Good luck to you I hope to meet up with you someday in the ring .. We will be the ones with the reds HA HA !!!
Yes, the poodle people are a bit different, but for some reason I've had no trouble fitting in (probably cause I have dogs on the brain! ROFL!!!!):biggrin1:

The Akc shows have really become my local "hang-out" and I've been fortunate to have met some of the well known handlers thru one of my close friends. She is showing her second dobe, who is still under a year, but he has great show potential and has done quite well thus far.
there is so much to be learned at the show isn't there?
I think my favorite part was dragging the trailer anbd parking on the grounds Waking up in the morning and just walking around ..
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