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My Red babies 9 weeks

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These are our babies they have all gone now. They are nine weeks yesterday


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Oh they are so cute and really dark red. You must miss them
I was looking at you puppy pictures again and they are lovely. I was so interested in them that I looked up your website on the net.

I am a little bit of a fanatic about low coi after reading the Canine Diversity Project and learning that dogs with a coi of less then 10 on average live 4 years longer then those with a coi that is over 10.

Out of curiosity I went to poodle pedigree.com and checked out your puppies parents. I was really surprised to see that their father Rojo had a coi of 37.06% for 10 generations and a coi of 38.83% for 12 generations. I then typed in their mother Lucy and found her coi to be 10.41% for 10 generations and 12.15% for 12 generations. I also typed in to find out what the coi on their last litter was and found it to be 9.49% for 10 generations and 11.50% for 12 generations.

Now I am brand new to the poodle breeding world though I am being mentored by a woman that has been involved in poodle breeding most of her life (in fact I co-own my girls with her)so I'm definitely still learning. But I thought I'd ask you why the high coi?

Also I noticed that Lucy has a lot of Leatherstocking in her background. I thought, (please correct me if I'm wrong) that Leatherstocking's breeding practices were not all they should be.

I guess I'm just a little bit concerned about your puppies long term health. I've got to say they are are pretty though.
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Thank you for your informative answer. As I stated before I'm new to this and looking for different perspectives on issues.

However I also realize that many other people are looking for information on the same issues and its important to talk about them.

I'm particularly concerned about line breeding in red poodles. The reason that I am is because of the simple fact that so much line breeding had to go into the creation of the colour. I now think that it must be time to insure that there is a greater genetic diversity in the colour. Especially if we are looking to improve the lines etc of the breed. When you have a wonderful colour like bigredpoodle has surely it is time to introduce new genetics into the equation to insure long term health.

However again I am not aware of her reasons for her choices to breed Rojo. (Other then I must say he is a lovely boy). I'm sure that she may have very good ones. I guess I'm just asking for the information.
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1 - 3 of 27 Posts
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