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My Red babies 9 weeks

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These are our babies they have all gone now. They are nine weeks yesterday


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Do you show your spoos bigredpoodle? They are soooo beautiful, I'd give my two front teeth to have a beautiful red show poodle! :biggrin:
*still drooling over Arreau's little show prospect*
All in good time!
OH... I'd love to see some pics of your show dogs! Do you have a website you can pm me?
She's a beautiful girl!!!!! Do you show Akc/Ckc?
(sorry, I'm very nosy! Hope you don't mind :)) I really want to start showing my own dog, and I've been reading up a lot and have learned an enormous amount on this forum. I love going to local shows and have met such nice people (and of course some snooty ones) and have seen some unbelievably beautiful dogs. I want to start out with a miniature and see how it goes, but that will only happen next year. Until then I'll admire the gorgeous standards! ;)
We show AKC.. I agree with your statement . I have such GREAT friends having been in the "Show worl"for over 20 years.. The poodle people are different for sure but still very nice.. Good luck to you I hope to meet up with you someday in the ring .. We will be the ones with the reds HA HA !!!
Yes, the poodle people are a bit different, but for some reason I've had no trouble fitting in (probably cause I have dogs on the brain! ROFL!!!!):biggrin1:

The Akc shows have really become my local "hang-out" and I've been fortunate to have met some of the well known handlers thru one of my close friends. She is showing her second dobe, who is still under a year, but he has great show potential and has done quite well thus far.
I totally agree... I still have a lot to learn!
I would have to say my favorite is just watching all the different breeds doing their thing. I you can pick up some good tips talking to people at shows :)
1 - 5 of 27 Posts
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