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my puppy jumped off my bed and got hurt

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i have a 6 month old mini poodle who has been sleeping with me in my bed for about 3 weeks now. This weekend in the middle of the night she fell off of the bed and was whimpering. I put her back up and she slept through the night. The next day she didn't seem herself, but could walk fine with an occasional limp. It seems like it hurt her to run. 2 days later she still isn't quite the same, though she is walking and running well now and then she whimpers like her hind end or back leg bothers her. Should i take her to the vet or just watch her? It doesn't seem like she has anything broken, as she has no trouble walking on all fours.
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i would take her to the vet just to be sure..... you never know
I always call my vet if I'm unsure about something... If the thought even rumbles through my brain whether or not to call... I'm picking up the phone! Sometimes all I need is that phone consultation and my vet can tell me if she thinks she needs to see the patient, or if she thinks it's something I can monitor and get back to her later. I have a great relationship with my vet and I know I can call her about anything!

If this was me, I'd be calling to at least get the vet's opinion on whether they think they need to see the puppy or not...
Call them you never know....good luck, and I am sure it will be fine
I have recently learned the importance of taking a pet to the vet. Its so much better to be safe then sorry.
i'm going to call vet

thanks for the advice, i'm going to call my vet first thing tomorrow!
Let us know how she is....sending healing thoughts your way!
getting better already!

hi all just an update that i took Ginger to the vet today. He said she looks fine, no fractures or sprains, but he thinks she may have bruised her back a little. He gave her some anti-inflammatories and suggests that she rest (no playing hard) for a few days. She seems to be improving already and was running around in the snow just now like her old self, so i feel much better about her situation. Thanks a bunch to all for your advice and care.
Great news!! My mini dachsie had to be on cage rest a few times in her life because of back injuries - it's a good thing you got her checked out and got meds that can help her be more comfortable as she heals! You're a good momma! :)
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