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Someone at work just advised me it could be due to a lack of vitamins, and that I might want to start feeding him a doggy multi vitamin. From what I'm hearing he probably isn't in any health danger, but I definitely don't want him doing it again!!!

That doesn't apply to eating wild animal poo. That advise usually pertains to dog's who are eating their OWN poo or that of their housemates.

If you're feeding a high quality diet there shouldn't really be much of a need for supplements. Everyone has their own opinions of course. A lot of people though are of the opinion that adding to a young puppies diet can do more harm than good. I happen to agree (for once). I'm not sure what food you've chosen for your baby but If you believe that there is somthing lacking from his diet maybe take a look at whatever you are feeding him and see if maybe you might consider an upgrade in dog food before you add any supplements.

Just my (sleepy) two cents :)
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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