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How long have you had him with you? Has his eating been off since he came home or did it start after?

So long as it's not due to some sort of health issue, the last thing you want to do is help create a picky eater by catering to him.

That said, of course you want him to keep eating, and if it's a case of his not liking the food, then slow transitioning to another food should be ok.

You'll get suggestions but it ultimately comes down to what he actually likes to eat. I now have to tell on myself because I thought I had a picky eater on my hands, even thru several food transitions. It turned out that I just hadn't found one that he really liked. I have now, and my picky eater now dances when his kibble comes out.

As for transitioning, once you get some suggestions, the big box stores and Chewy will take food back (they donate it I think) if your pup doesn't go for it. Petsmart also used to have occasional Sample Saturdays where several brands were featured and you get try them out.
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