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My poor Mr. Tan Man (Tanner)

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Ok, so I'm failry confident that most of us have had one, at some time or another. The "if it's going to happen, it's going to happen to him/her animal". Well Tanner is that dog for us.

So yesterday evening I was just starting to fix chili for supper when my husband came inside and said, "You need to come out here". I figured he needed help with something or there was something neat to see. Yeah, boy was I wrong. The next thing I hear is "Tanner is bleeding, really bad" My first thought was, Great, I just spent $150.00 at the vet to find out that he is perfectly healthy, what could possible be wrong now.

So I turn the stove off with half cooked meat on it, throw on my coat, (should have put my coveralls on as my pants were light cream color), grabbed my boots and went out.

Tanner is sitting there by my husband and there is blood literally ALL OVER him! The furnishing on all four legs, his complete side, his tail and both hind legs were completely red. It took about three seconds for me to find the place where the blood was spraying out of his hind leg. I knew immediately this was going to take more than what I could do for him at home. So we wrapped a towel around his leg and hubby held him until I went in and called the vet. She could meet me at the clinic in 20 minutes - That's how long it takes us on a good roads day.

Of course I had the van still loaded with bags of grain for the horses and cows so I had to unload all of that and get the crate in there. So once everything was situated my hubby carried Tanner to the crate in the van, all the while mentioning how much Tanner needs to go on a diet.

Of course my oldest daughter insisted on going to the vet with me. So she says on our way there "Tanner is goin to die, isn't he.?." All I could say is, No, he is going to be just fine. All the while thinking, I don't know for sure if he has cut a main artery in his leg and I don't know how much blood he has lost....

By the time we got to the vet the crate looked like a war zone and he left a trail behind hime when he walked in. The wonderful vet took a look at his leg and said he probably hit a minor artery, but not a major one. If it had been major, they would have had to re connect the vein. She knocked him out and put 5 stitches in his leg. He had cut fairly deep, through all the layers of skin and down into the muscle. She was so nice, it took both of us to lift him up (he didn't want to wake up) and we laid him in the tub and sprayed off all the blood. She even let me bring the crate in and clean that out too.

Then she wrapped it and gave me more vet wrap, bandage material and antibiotics (since we don't know what he cut it on). We had to carry him out to the van to put him in the crate. By the time we got home I couldn't get him out of the crate so we just carried him in, inside the crate.

Poor guy slept all evening and looked miserable! I feel so bad for him, he is such a sweethart, he's doesn't know what an enemy is. We have all hardwood floors in our house, which are not very comfortable to lay on, and he is so timid that he won't even lay on the dog beds we have, most of the time. I wish I could figure out a way to get him to lay on them as I'm sure it would be more comfortable!

I'm sure it will be a while before he is feeling better and before he will use the leg again, but at least he is on the mend!

Sorry this is so long.... Thanks for listening!
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OMG,,,, Brings back memories as I have been there too. When The husband says "I think you need to look at this"
It is a red flag for me now..It is amazing how much they can bleed !
Thank god you were home !

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no, we don't know what cut him. It could have been something as silly as the frozen ice that was sharp somewhere. We live on 40 acres and he has the run of about 5 acres by the house. Yes, our vet is very good. They are on call on the weekends as where we live there is no Emergency Vet. They are the only vet in town who does "on-call/emergency" visits. Actually, I have no idea what this will cost me. I'm hoping not more than $150.00 (fingers crossed)!
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