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IA with what everyone has said. From the time my pups decided that I was a chew toy (they were 4 weeks at the time) they got a soft, but firm muzzle grab and a low EHH EHH (sounds like a growl to a puppy) This is what a good, well rounded mother dog would do to them (and Jamie has)

Again, this is why reputable, responsible breeders keep their pups longer than just "when they start eating hard food"
Your puppy is not being mean, she just doesn't know the rules, because she didnt learn them from her mom and littermates.

Why would you pass your problem on to another unsuspecting person? What if her biting progresses, and she bites a kid? would you like to have her PTS because she bit a kid? Didn't think so.

In some states if you give away a dog, and that dog bites someone, even if you told them that it is "a biter" you can be held responsible, and have a lawsuit filed against you.

Sorry If I am coming off rudely or harshly, but I do not tolerate biting of any kind.

here are some articles on teaching bite inhibition. Please take your puppy to a socialization class. work on the things in the article, and take the advice you have been given. little dogs can live for 10-20 years, that a long time to be having your ankles and feet chewed to bloody stumps.

Bite Inhibition Article
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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