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My poodle has bad allergies

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Our poodle has severe allergies and wont stop scratching even with medication. We bought some pink boots to put on her to help her not scratch so much, but she doesnt like them at ball. Watch how she reacts.

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Emery board her nails to keep them rounded and you have to call an allergist in the morning. I feel so bad for dogs like yours. Some people make them wear E-collars. Can you imagine intensely itching and having your hands tied behind your back. Stop the misery and find out what it is. It takes too long for trial and error methods. Pay the money and KNOW....then you can deal with whatever it is she's allergic to.
You posted this video on a another forum I'm a member of. I didn't comment there. While it is somewhat amusing to see your poodle not liking the boots it makes me crazy to see her try and itch on the carpet. Like Partial2poodles said, imagine trying to scratch an itch and not being able to. I have eczema and if I couldn't scratch when I itched I would literally go crazy. Absolutely crazy. I seriously hope you can find and treat why she's so itchy.
I couldn't watch the whole thing - it broke my heart... :( Please see if you can find out what she's allergic to and if you can help her THAT way instead of allowing her to stay so itchy, but not be able to do anything about it... Poor baby...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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