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my poo mixes

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A lady didn't want this dog anymore and heard I would be a good home (another term for sucker) and she dropped him off at my shop. He was pelted all over with mats and she claimed he was a peke-a-poo. He looked like a cockapoo and after I groomed him and got to watch him closely, I call him a westi-poo. He's a certified therapy dog now and I used him in my advertising. I groom him to look like a Sealyham or even a Wheaten terrier.
His name is Malcom and he's about 3 years old.

This shih-poo mixed with a beagle is 20 years old. Her name is Sienna and she was born with 1 eye. She has large floppy beagle ears and "bays" like one too. She is the most excellent mouser. When she was 9, her skin was so raw and infected and I was determined to CURE her, not just treat her with steroids and antibiotics. That's when I started learning about foods and I switched her to raw and ditched the Pedigree, Nutro and Purina foods. She has more than doubled her lifespan since then.

The last one is a real poodle. He is groomed like a Bichon and he is the love of my life. He doesn't look poodle-y so I lumped him in with the poo mixes. these are my 3 small dogs....the other 4 are standard poos.


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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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