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My New Boy "Mikey"

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I got another Poodle last week and I just love him. His name is Mikey (originally Monkey...had to change that) but he is 9 months and a sweet heart. He is Cafe au lait...well not quit yet but will be eventually.

Who ever said "you never just have one Poodle" is right. I had to get another!!!


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What a beautiful boy. I can see the mischief in his eyes.:p
Thanks everyone for the nice comments. He has been a joy to welcome into the family. Both of my boys (poodles) are starring in my sons party Saturday as circus dogs. Its a Jojo's Circus Themed 1st B-day party and the boys are going. I have the colorful scrunchies for them to wear and I will post pics..... Im excited. lol
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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