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My new baby!

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I got my baby last Wednesday, and hes such a doll! He's 10 weeks old and a hand full, but training is a breeze! Just yesterday I tought him how to sit and lay down in about 15 minutes, and potty training is going along great. He's only 1.5 pounds now and is expected to be about 4 so hes a tiny little guy. I was researching for a while and found a great breeder close to me in Illinois who shows her poodles. He's just a little cuddle bug, hes actually sleeping in my lap right now.

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I'm in love! Such expressive eyes!
oh my godness!
He;s such a cute fluff ball!
I've always wanted a red/apricot poodle!

CONGRATS on the new baby!!!
Adorable. So lovable and soft.....ahh
Aww, he's precious... red/apricot toys always kill me ;) I LOVE his face, his eyes are so big and beautiful. And the rest of him is just ooohh so cute too!!! I want to cuddle him so bad!!
Congratulations on the new puppy! It sounds like you love him very much already. :)
Congratulations. He's just adorable, so cute :beauty:
What a DOLL Baby!! Oh what great fun it is to have a new little puppy!
OMG, he's so very cute! :)

Congrats - enjoy him!
Oh my goodness, he's just too stinkin' cute!
OMG - He is sooo tiny and so cute - like a plush-toy really !!!!:rose:

Congrats and enjoy him to the max : )) !!!!!!
so cute - looks like our Gabie when she was a baby!
Look at that face!!!! He is adorable! Enjoy.
He has the sweetest little face. I bet he'll get away w/ a lot, lol!
Oh the joy of a puppy! He definitely will use his puppy powers to the fullest extent possible. What a sweet little face.
Gosh he's cute, like a little stuffed toy!
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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