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My name is Ben, on my third poodle.

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Currently I just moved and lost a dog to an ongoing battle with stomach illness. This was sad because this dog was very tallented and I put in a lot of time to train him. I don't really want to talk about this health problems. I did however put 6,000.00 into trying to get him better. I will not answer questions about this health though.

I just moved to the south on the east coast. I work with computers. I really loved it here much more then the north. I was going to go with out a dog for a period of time by my girlfriend persuaded me not to. It was very hard to find a standard poodle dog breeder that I could purchase the right poodle for me from. I think I am in luck and should have my new poodle at the end of this month. I just have to find time to make the drive.

I am a big geek when it comes to some topics. I love to cook. I love art of all kinds and crafts. Most of all I love poodles. I groom, clip, and train them on my own. If you have any questions about training poodles let me know. I know I will have grooming questions for you all because I am not an expert on clipping and am trying to improve. I even trained my old poodle to hunt to see if I could do it. I don't even hunt, but it is a lot of fun to work in the field with a poodle. I hope I don't offend you with my ideas. I think everyone is entitled to their own ideas, but its hard for me not to give advice when it comes to training poodles because I have invested so much of my life into it. Thank you all for letting me join this community.

I will post pics of my poodle when I have the oportunity. This is a really big deal for me. I have had 3 poodles since I was 4. I am sure you will have lots of updates from me as I start to train my new dog.
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Welcome to the forum! I lost my little girl in March. I have a little girl on the way that I will also get to take home at the end of the month. She will be my third poodle that I have had since I was 5. I was in the IT industry for 18 years. See! You already have a lot in common with people here.

What kind of poodle are you getting? It will be fun to see them grow up together.
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