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My Lola and Zanzi

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Here's my dogs!

Zanzi (the youngest)

edit: lola is white zanzi is black...couldnt get my flicker 2 work :(


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and Lola our Bich Poo

lol these pics are really from like july and other random times not in dec. but i just realized my imagestation is gone and had 2 start my flickr so these were the first few i could put up

[edit] idk how to do this...heres the photostream http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/
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The pictures didn't come through, for me at least. I'll see if anyone could view them.

yea i'm tryna figure it out now
[edit] i didnt have my flickr fully set up...let me see if these work

can't get my pictures to work, i hate flickr


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