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My little Skye

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Hello everyone! Sorry for not posting much, I have been busy with my little bundle of joy she is such a darling and I am over the moon with her. I have got a few pictures I would like to share with you all and I hope you don't mind, there are quite a few

Isn't she cute?
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Skye is absolutely adorable and looks so huggable too. These are fantastic pictures, thank you for sharing your little one with us.
Aww she's so small. I'd be scared to death to groom her.
oh my GOSH!! That is such a cute puppy! She has the most adorable face and fur... I just want to snuggle her and keep her all to myself!! :)
She's a sweet little thing. :)
oh wow - she is CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! Great job on the photos!!
She is just too cute!
I love her wee furry muzzle with the tiny wee jet black nose poking out
I love the short wee ears as well, they look so cute on toys and minis
OMG!!! I LOVE these pics!! Especially the one of her in your hands, the wet one and the close ups!! gorgeous little silver pup.
She is beautiful she make's me want another one I love her little face.
What great pics! The all look absolutely gorgeous and she is way too darling!
WOW, amazing pics of little Skye! Did you do them yourself? She is just darling!! Puppies are the best thing ever!! :love:
She is so absolutely adorable!!! My goosh, how tiny she is! I'd be afraid I'd step on her!!

You took GREAT photo's of her, so adorable and complimentary. I LOVE the one of her laying in your hands. :)
Absolutely amazing!! The pic of her in your hands is beautiful! We do pics like this of newborn babies at the studio I work for. So happy you're back to share with us!
You have a very creative eye! Your photos really emphasize her sweet precious little face. She is certainly stylin!

My favorite is the one in your hands. She is just a precious little darling.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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