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My kittys

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Heres some up todate pics of my cats


Max and Diesel

Mummy and baby pebbles and fern

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Wow... you got a house full! : )

do they all get along ?
yes they all get along,max and pebbles are ferns mum and dad,she had 3 babies the other two were boys and they went to my mum and best friend was going to keep them all lol.
Diesel was sick from a baby its took me 18 months to get him a good quality of life but he has a shiny coat now and is doing fine,they all sleep together and groom each other.They meow like a baby crying.
Mum and dad are 3 iv had them since kittens.
Lovin the blacck baby you have, he very pretty. Of course they are all pretty, hubby wanted one of those really badly. But then we were "blessed" with Sake' and that pretty much took the choice out of our hands.
Diesel is my black one,he has the loudest purr i have ever heard,sounds like a lawn mower :):)
What beautiful cats! What kind of cat is Deisel?
What beautiful cats! What kind of cat is Deisel?
Diesel is a black oriental male :D
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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