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I am getting a male toy poodle on January 9. I am excited and believe I have everything that I will need for him for now. His father was around 3 pounds mom was just over 7 pounds, he was in the middle of the litter when he was born and tracking that way. The breeder says he should between 5-9lbs. I thought he should be closer to 5 and at most 7 does this sound right I know weight depends if you over feed or not so it is hard to predict by a breeder but I try and keep my dogs fit. My vet says they should clearly have a waist line and you should feel the ribs not see them, is it the same with toy poodles? Also I would love to know if he does fade but not supposed to what he will turn out to be?


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Hi Scamper, welcome to PF! Given the weight of his parents and that he's a male, I'll guess that he will be between 4 to 7lbs, depending on genetics like the size of the grandparents. In the photo he appears to be a healthy sized, normal infant.

Feed generously and often when he joins you; poodles rarely over eat, and under eating is more of a problem and can lead to a quick, fatal hypoglycemia episode that's fairly common in tiny toy breeds under the age of 12 weeks, so buy a tube (or two if you take your pup on trips or leave it in doggy daycare) of Nutri-Cal for puppies which will stop such an episode dead in it's tracks. You can get it Amazon or chewy.com; vets double or triple the price. It's one of the most important purchases to get before you bring your new puppy home. See the thread here at this PF link for more information and watch the videos so you'll know the signs.

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Your puppy is adorable! I agree that healthy weight is when you can feel but not see the ribs ( hard to do on a fluffy puppy cut). Sammy is getting slightly pudgy, but the skin over his ribs has no extra padding under it.

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Hi, he sure is adorable!

Vita and daabor have you covered on the healthy weight and potential concern while he's still quite small.

I would love to know if he does fade but not supposed to what he will turn out to be?
I can't tell positively if he's on the cream side or apricot side, but there can be no guarantee that there won't be fading since both colors carry the genetic fading.
It's a rough sort of visual guide but if you look at him and get a "feel" of a slight pink cast to his coloring, he's probably an apricot. If the "feel" is more of a yellow or orange cast, he's likely cream.
As an example, my eventually cream boy started out like this

and faded to this at 3 years old
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