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My crazy puppy!

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I never shared any videos of Atticus. This video pretty much shows how hyper and crazy he is all day. He has a thing where he gets excited and wants to play he kicks his back feet up in the air and bounces really high and runs the opposite direction. He cracks me up.


and just a couple pictures after his bath. sorry the video and pictures arnt that great of quality. they were taken with my cell phone.

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Atticus is simply the cutest little puppy. He just doesn't look real. He's so tiny, he looks like a stuffed toy doggie. Looks like you should be abe to pick him up and squeeze him to make him squeek. He does look real cute the way he throws his legs back when he's prancing and playing. He seems to mind you real good too, like when you called him back to you and when you had him sit. Good job, trainning your baby.
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