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I鈥檓 just bragging today. 馃槈Just got back from his grooming appointment
and I just can鈥檛 get over how handsome my boy has become! I always think
of him as a cute, sweet looking dog but today I decided he鈥檚 one handsome boy! Decided to go
with a little longer look as we have kept him quite short for the past year.
I鈥檓 going to grow out his ears a bit too! No particular reason. Just thought it
would be fun to change up his look. Not sure how long I will go. It all will depend
upon the grooming. It is pretty easy when the hair is super short. I love it after a
few days and the hair gets curly.


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He鈥檚 gorgeous.

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Beautiful groom - sure you are very proud of your boy and he is so handsome.
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